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Eye Exam

Eye Examination

There are many factors which affect our eyesight and visual system. The cornerstone to good Optometry is understanding and accurately defining each patient's circumstances. For this reason we place major emphasis on getting to know you and your requirements. We then have at our disposal many tools. These include several forms of refraction, detailed examination of the ocular structures with microscopes and imaging equipment and quantitative measuring devices for pressure and curvature.

Through this process we routinely screen for all major eye disease including glaucoma, cataracts, macula disease and diabetic eye disease.

Children's Vision

Children's vision can be a point of significant confusion for parents. We provide examinations for children with opinions based on scientific evidence. If vision problems are identified, we can address them with various treatments including orthoptic exercises, spectacles or referral to other appropriate professional groups.

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Childrens Vision
Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a wonderful way to enhance your lifestyle. Whether for cosmetic reasons, or optical necessity, it is possible to fit most people with comfortable contact lenses, achieving excellent visual clarity.

For contact lens wear to be successful, we need to understand your visual requirements and eye health. With this information, we can custom make your contact lenses, or choose from a huge range of disposable contact lenses that will best suit your needs.

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