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Leading Optometrists In Burpengary - 20/20 Eyewear

You can expect the highest level of care from our qualified team of optometrists. An eye test can detect the onset of eye disease at its earliest stage. Our mission is to provide an exceptional level of Optometric Care by understanding our patient's needs and providing premium products and services. To be the leaders of eye care in our community.

Looking after yourself never looked so good!


How often should your child's eyes be examined? Children should have their eyes evaluated by an optometrist at 6 months, and then yearly until they start school.


Having your routine eye test is critical. Our Burpengary optometrists will check for any underlying eye diseases that may affect your vision and eye health.


We deal with all the major contact lens companies. You can be assured that we help you find the right contact lens option for you at our Burpengary location.

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At 20/20 Eyewear we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest clinical standards and recommending quality eyewear solutions that are best for you. You deserve nothing less.

We are a locally owned and operated full scope Optometry Practice which has been established in the same location for 15 years. As owners and Optometrists, Claire and Ben Park bring together 30+ years of Optical Experience, ensuring the highest level of eye care.

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Located In:
Shop 2 Burpengary Plaza, 173-181 Station Rd
Burpengary, QLD 4505

We are inside Burpengary Plaza, opposite Burpengary News

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Contact Lenses For You

We offer a wide selection of contact lenses including disposable soft contacts, bifocal/multifocal, toric, conventional lenses and coloured lenses. Our highly skilled optometrists will evaluate your eye shape and prescription to determine the best and most comfortable type of contact lenses for your unique eyes. We ensure that you get the best possible contact lens fit for optimal visual clarity and daily comfort.

Contact Lenses Fitting

Designer Glasses

20/20 Eyewear has the designer labels you want, right here in Burpengary, Queensland. Our passionate team will be thrilled to help you find something that will have you feeling confident as ever. Our wide range of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and reading glasses guarantee that you'll achieve great vision while bringing your best features forward. So come on over and snag a pair of runway-ready frames and express your personal style, whenever, wherever!

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Our Caring Optometrists
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Q&A with Your Optometrist

Q: Are there some every day activities that can cause Dry Eye?
A: Having heaters or fans that blow in your face, not drinking enough water or eating enough fruits & vegetables, smoking, wearing contact lenses that aren't a good match for your eyes, and using a computer for a long time without remembering to blink, can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

Q: How do I know if I have Dry Eye?
A: Dry eye syndrome can only be diagnosed by an eye doctor. We take your symptoms into account, including the eyes feeling dry, burning, itchy or irritated. Watery eyes and blurry vision are also common because the tears, which protect the outermost surface of the eye, can be unstable.

Q: What are some of the symptoms of Dry Eye?
A: There are numerous symptoms of dry eye disease, but the most common ones include excess tearing, lack of tearing, burning, redness, foreign body sensation, intermittently blurred vision, and an inability to tolerate contact lenses. If you have any of the above symptoms, and want a professional diagnosis, please make an appointment here.

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